Popular Old Online Games

Online Games: 8 Ways to Spend Time on the Internet

“Bored on the internet? But that’s impossible ! “you say to yourself. And yet, even though you have hundreds of sites on which to browse, it is quite possible to find no longer what to do. In these cases, here are some ideas of online games that can help you pass the time: from online casino sites to strategy games to Funny Games, there will be something for all tastes and preferences.

Wiki Wars

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably heard of Wikipedia. It is a great online encyclopedia that can inform you about everything(almost). But do you know that its use is not limited to the information field? And for a good reason, you can make the most of it. How? Thanks to Wiki wars5353.

You have probably already noticed that in all the articles, there were always highlighted words. The goal of the game is to play other players, starting from an initial page. The first to arrive at a specific final destination is the winner.


Akinator? He’s an internet genius who can read your mind. And for a good reason, the objective of this online game is to guess to which person, famous, real or fictional you think. You will be greatly surprised by the capabilities of this artificial intelligence.

Through a series of questions, this “web genius” can quickly find the individual in your thoughts. If unfortunately, Akinator is unable to identify the individual quickly, he should be given three chances. In the end, if he can’t put his finger on the person you’re thinking about, he’ll ask you to write it down. But you’re not likely to get that far.

Bejeweled, one of the most popular online games

How often do you play Candy Crush? Let us introduce you to its ancestor: Bejeweled. This game had its heyday in the 2000s. And even today, he manages to seduce hundreds of players around the world.

So, if you’re having trouble with the electronic candy, turn to the jewelry. It’s a lot brighter and still fun.


Are you cap or not cap to guess the Google searches of internet users? This is exactly what we will find through this website.

In this online game, you will have a sentence start in the search bar. Your job is to complete it. You will be allowed three errors, and there are ten sets in total. If this is your first time playing, choose the beginner level to bathe easily.


You always wanted to explore the world without leaving home? This is possible, thanks to GeoGessr. This discovery game turns on geography. The online game features several photos from Google Street. Guess where was taken the picture in question. Several elements are inserted in the photo to allow you to locate yourself: car plates, flags, etc.


If you were lucky enough to have a Nokia a few years ago, you certainly remember The Good Old game Snake. Did you like him? You are lucky because to pass the time, you can play Slither, an online game that uses the fundamental principles of this snake-oriented game.

So the goal remains the same: to eat or to be killed. You have to be smart and fast to be the predator rather than the prey. And beware, the “bad guys” are not going to make it easy for you.

Iron Snout

In this online game Iron Snout or “iron snout” in French, the player will have to play as a pig. At first glance, you will have the impression that it is a very cute and fragile pig. That Certainely! This little animal will have to fight furious Wolves. Prepare to be surprised, as opponents can arrive from all sides. To defend yourself, you can get their gun and shoot them.

Jackpot City

Do you want to build on your time online? Play Jackpot City, this is an online casino platform. As in a real casino, you will play quality games with great bonuses.

Have fun!